The Career Center : About
The Career Center Limited is an independent educational organization that advise current students or graduates about their career path.

We help students address their career concerns, assess students’ interests, discuss the link between their majors and careers or continuing education or overseas education.

We provide
- Unpaid internships
- School Seminars on Career Pathways
- Personal Career Coaching
- Guidance on C.V writing
- Career Majors in Universities
- Education counselling

 To enrich students’ living and working experiences
 To enhance students’ communication skills;
 To broaden students’ vision in working life
 To sharpen students’ observation and transferable skills such as self-confidence, sense of co-operation, and problem solving.

The Career Center offers a variety of workshops presented by both our Career Services Paraprofessionals and by our Professional Staff. We schedule our most popular workshops throughout each semester. University faculty, staff, and students may also request our workshops for classes, student organization meetings, etc. anywhere on campus.

There will be FUN & GAMES where students are able to explore their interests and goals in life.

Career Fairs and Special Events
The Career Center offers to have employers to career fairs each semester. A career fair is a great way to meet many employers at once. Students will learn more about interview skills and to understand if they will continue for their studies or to start working.

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