The Career Center Limited ( TCCL ) offers businesses the opportunity to expand their recruiting reach with little or no effort by partnering with some of the best universities globally who have sizeable number of students actively exploring professional internship opportunities.

TCCL is looking for students who want to expand their experience on a global stage. We offer “hands-on” experience in your chosen major field of study. Whether you choose an eight week, or semester, or a full summer internship you will quickly see the VALUE that comes from your time in Hong Kong.  Prospective employers will quickly recognize your value when you have expanded your horizons and gained priceless experience while working and studying in Hong Kong.  At TCCL, we believe that an Overseas Internship is attainable by any student willing to work hard enough, and who possesses the right attitude to prove to a prospective employer that they have chosen the right candidate.


TCCL will plug you into a network that connects you into the Hong Kong business world and beyond. It’s much more than just making new contacts.  You will be amazed to see the number of networking activities and social events offered to you.


Many of our interns change residences while they are here in order to make even more new friends.  TCCL arranges social meet-ups for all the interns.  Ideas and cultural approaches to business problems are exchanged. These friendships last a lifetime.


Hong Kong is ripe with opportunities. Interns will be given every opportunity to learn as much as they can about their chosen field. Things happen very quickly in Hong Kong. Everything moves at a fast pace.  The way people think, the way they solve problems, and the way the system works here provide great learning experiences. You’ll also learn about another great business world concept: overtime.  Something that can’t be avoided.